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WASP-NET’s high optimization efficiency enables engineers to complete design tasks within short design times by direct, fast and accurate overall EM optimization.

A shaped dual-reflector antenna example combined with complete feed network (OMT, taper, horn) can illustrate the impact of this high optimization speed: Desired broadband shape-function specifications can be optimized (ca. 1000 iterations) within less than a day.

Impact of  WASP-NET’s high Optimization  Performance on Solving advanced Designs Applications:                   Direct fast EM CAD and Optimization of all Types of Microwave Structures / Antennas

WASP-NET’s wide application range for accurate, fast EM CAD and optimizations of all kind of passive microwave components / antennas proves - due to WASP-NET’s generality and flexibility - to be practically unlimited.

Antenna optimization example: The optimization of a shaped dual-reflector antenna ~57 lambda 10.7 - 14.5GHz with profiled dielectric support and complete feed-network (OMT, taper, horn) to meet given specs takes in WASP-NET with ca. 1000 iterations and 7 sample points: 1000 x 7 x 11 seconds, i.e. less than a day.

Impact of high optimization speed:  Would one - for illustration purposes - try to optimize this antenna with a more standard method taking e.g. ca. 10 - 30 minutes per frequency point for the whole assembly (antenna + feed-network) instead, the optimization would require ca. 48 - 145 days, which could for many competitive situations be disadvantageous.

Accuracy: Results are full-wave and accurate. WASP-NET’s accuracy can always conveniently be verified by WASP-NET’s own independent cross-check possibilities via different solvers.

Accuracy check example: In picture above, when just moving mouse pointer into image field: The picture put underneath shows the independently calculated BOR-FEBI pattern results (cp: green, xp: blue), demonstrating practically identical results with the original BOR-MoM results (upper picture layer).     BOR-FEBI speed: Ca. 76 sec. / fr.

Precision EM CAD in seconds • Complete em cad solution

 11 sec./fr. = 11 seconds per frequency point (up-to-date  i7 HexCore PC)

Examples of

Application Ranges:

Highest design efficiency and fast product output are increasingly mission-critical for today’s microwave, antenna, space, and communication industries.

The efficient hybrid EM CAD and optimization tool WASP-NET helps cutting time to market down by high EM CAD speed and by getting products right the first time.

The high numbers of optimization iterations that are achievable by WASP-NET allow fully exploiting given physical limits. In this way, even toughest and most challenging design problems can be solved within short design time.

WASP-NET is accurate, general and in particular   so efficient that fast Optimizations can be carried  out directly on the EM Level

 Complete EM CAD solution

From specifications to machine shop without prototyping

  No limitations by element catalogs: Nearly unlimited application range, Parametrized  graphic 3D structure modeler.

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