Fast CAD and Optimization of all Kind of Antenna Structures with Lenses + Feed-Networks. Such as: Corrugated horns with lenses, Horns with dielectric covers, Aperture antennas with metal lenses User-defined arbitrary shaped lenses, etc.

Rigorous EM CAD in Seconds Lenses Antennas + Feeds WASP-NET ®

Rigorous Inclusion of Feed-Networks, such as Polarizers, OMTs, Filters, Tapers, etc.  

WASP-NET internal Cross-Check Verification by independent different Solvers  

Convenient user-friendly Design by Wizards: Horn-Wizard, Single Dual-Reflector Antenna Wizard

Corrugated horn with Bezier lens

*Benchmarks:  Approximate seconds per frequency (abbreviated as “fr” or “fp) on up-to-date PCs

Selected  Antenna Lense Design Examples

Corrugated horn with rounded lens

WASP-NET’s application range for accurate, fast EM CAD and optimizations of all kind of passive microwave components / antennas is - due to WASP-NET’s generality and flexibility - practically nearly unlimited.

Shown examples just present a selection of some typical application areas.

 Features in addition to extremely high Optimization Speed

User-defined arbitrary antenna structures

Shaped metal lens

Direct optimization to pattern goal functions, such as 29-25*log(theta)   





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Convenient user-friendly Designer Data Base with fully optimized ready to use Design Examples, which can be scaled to desired Frequencies, modified and re-optimized to desired Specifications