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• Combline filters with circular posts, tapped feeds, tuner down screws, disc feeds, iris coupling, top capactances, etc.

•Circular Posts •Rect. Posts •Cross-Cpl.
Application Range: Combline / Coax Components • Fast • General • Rigorous Precision EM CAD in seconds • Combline / coax components

WASP-NET’s high calculation speed - typically ranging from a few seconds to a few hundreds of seconds (for large antennas and arrays with feeds) on standard PCs - enables fast direct EM optimization.

Practically unlimited application flexibility. No limitations by element catalog. User-friendly text- and graphic 3D-editors for arbitrary, user-defined 3D structures / antennas. 3D CAD data structure import, decomposition, parametrization, fast EM optimization.

Full-wave EM multi-solver accuracy. WASP-NET internal independent cross-verification by different solvers.

• Combline filters with rectangular posts, tapped feeds, disc feeds, iris coupling, broad-band, high-frequency application etc.

• Combline filters with aperture  and wire cross-coupling, tapped feeds, disc feeds, iris coupling, triplets, etc.

• User-def.  •Interdigital •Fields / Power

• User-defined elements created by graphic 3D modeler or 3D text editor, such as helix resonators, draft angles, etc.;

• Interdigital filters, tapped feeds, top wall penetrating, top capacitor loaded, broadband, high-frequency, etc.;

• Rigorous field calculation, maximum field strength, power handling, Corona and multipactor effects, etc.     

• Diplexers • Coax-Comp.• Coax-Trans.

• Diplexers, multiplexers, user-defined combiner elements created by 3D garphical or text editor, etc.

• Coaxial waveguide (“coax”) filters, coax dividers, coax dissipative (“absorptive”) filters, squarax couplers, etc.       

• Coaxial waveguide (“coax”) transitions, to circular, rectangular and ridged waveguides, broad-band trans., etc.     

WASP-NET’s wide application range for accurate, fast EM CAD and optimizations of all kind of passive microwave components / antennas proves - due to WASP-NET’s generality and flexibility - to be practically unlimited.

 Fast EM CAD and  Optimization

 Waveguide Components

 • Antennas and Feeds

 • Combline / Coax

 • Arrays and Feeds

 • General Structures

 • Planar Structures /


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